"Thanks to the dentist I am no longer afraid of the dentist"
Elise used to be afraid of the dentist but because of Mondzorgcentrum Ijburg this belongs to the past.

Welcome to the website of Mondzorgcentrum IJburg

Welcome to the website of Mondzorgcentrum IJburg.

 We are a dental practice in Amsterdam (IJburg). In addition to our conventional treatments, we specialize in anesthesia treatments and implantology.

We are specialized in patients that are afraid of the dentist. Through our years of experience, unique method and anesthetic treatments we specialize in treatments for patients who are afraid of the dentist. Our dental practice is equipped to the latest standards and has a professional team of dentists and assistants. You will experience during your  first visit, that our patient is our main interest. So are you afraid of the dentist or do you fear the dentist? Please contact us.

In addition to fear, we also specialize in dental implantology. Implantology replaces teeth by dental implants. Implants are artificial roots, typically made of titanium, which are placed in the bone. On our website you will find more information about implant dentistry and implantology costs and tariffs.

On our website you can also ask questions, sign up and see how we are measured on different valuation sites


Implants starting at 1400 euro

Anesthetic treatments

If anything else is not possible we can also help you with an Anesthetic treatment